GSM Phone review

android-phone-reviewsIf you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind when buying a new cell phone. Some of the most common questions we hear everyday include:

Which brand should I buy? Nokia or Sony Ericsson (or another one)?
What is tri-band? Do I want tri-band?
What does SMS and MMS stand for?
Is the new cell phone compatible with my current cell phone carrier?
Will I need to switch cell phone plans if I buy a new phone?
Unless you spend a lot of time researching these technical details on the internet, the world of GSM Cell Phones can be confusing. Many people will be led in to buying a cell phone they don’t need for more money than they were willing to spend.

Enter GSM Phone Review. The site that aims at giving you, the consumer, the information you need to find the perfect cell phone. Get a GSM cell phone that works the way you need it to, that has all the features you want it to, and avoid paying more money for the extra features that you don’t need and would never use.

GSM Phone Review will feature editor’s reviews along with editor’s picks and recommendations. In addition, just to keep it fair, we will allow other cell phone customers to rate their own experiences with their cell phones and let them write their own reviews for everyone to see.

In addition, we will be offering up a knowledge base of articles explaining the technologies involved with cell phones. We will decrypt the acronyms, de-mystify the technological jargon and help simplify your search for a new GSM cell phone and provide bulk sms services via bulk sms reseller services.

So check back with GSM Phone Review when you’re buying your next cell phone. Let us make it the easiest cell phone hunt you have ever had. Happy shopping!

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