Nursing Assistants – What Is Their Role

In the early days there were only one type of nurse who used to handle all the duties of a nurse but now to decrease the work load of one nurse we have divided nurses in to three categories. You may have seen, that in hospitals there are three nurses with a patient, this is because of the division of nurses into different categories.

The nurse with most duties is a nursing assistant also known as CNA, who works under the supervision of a registered nurse. Anyone who has a well groomed personality with a caring nature can become an assistant nurse. These qualities are very important in an assistant nurse because usually the patients are in bad mood, they do not want to cooperate and sometimes they even get aggressive so to handle the patients one has to be very sensible and polite. It is the duty of a CNA to take care of the patient in every manner. It is their responsibility to take care of patient’s hygiene, food, medicine and observe the condition of the patient.

It is very easy to become a CNA and you are not required with a strong academic background, however some institutes demand a high school diploma for admission in the training program of a nursing assistant. The standard training program of CNA usually consists of 11 modules which are completed between 1 to 3 months. There are various training schools for CNA all over the country but it is very important that you find an accredited school because studying in a non-accredited school is just the waste of time and money. The small accredited training schools pay great attention on their student for the betterment of their repute. These schools also conduct several mock tests to make their students confident for the certification exams.

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You can also find some Jobs In Nigeria. There are many websites which offer you to get the training for CNA in your office or home without any restrictions of timings. Another method of getting the training is to get it from a nursing home where you do not have to pay the fee or sometimes they make you pay very less fee but they make you sign a contract and restrict you for a certain time period to work only for them on pre-decided wages.

After getting the training the candidate needs to sit in an exam. This exam is divided into two parts; first part is based on theoretical knowledge and you will get some MCQS to answer in this part of the examination. The second part tests you practically, in this section you will be taken to a ward and will be asked to deal with some patients and the examiner will check that whether you are following the correct procedure or not. The practical test also enables the examiner to see your ability to handle the work load and pressure. CNA usually works for five days per week and 8 hours every day. They get paid on hourly basis and a new nursing assistant usually gets about 10 dollars per hour.

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